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  • You pay us conveniently by prepayment or PayPal
  • We also conduct workshop courses in your company!

Welcome to the shop of the Kreativwerkstatt Jordan - With us you can make a difference!

Here you will find unique pieces produced in our own workshop: biblical narrative figures according to ABF standards. Nativity figures with matching backdrops. Movable narrative figures for therapeutic work. Movable, felted animal figures. Special application ideas. More handmade accessories.

A - General questions about the figures

Where did the idea for the moving figures come from?

The first movable figures were developed by Sister Anita Derungs OP, a nun in the convent of Ilanz (Switzerland) during the summer vacations in 1964. Sr. Anita was an educator at that time. The suggestion for the movable figures came from the then president of the Mothers' Association in Graub├╝nden, Mrs. Fryberg-Candinas. She dreamed of a Christmas crib for the family with movable figures. So the movable figures were created in the tradition of the Christmas cribs.

Why don't the figures have faces?

They do not have a face to define them from their expression. Feelings and intentions are expressed only through body language. This guarantees a wide range of applications and expressions.

When do we speak of biblical narrative figures?

When they are made as aids for Christian catechesis, depiction of biblical scenes, for Bible study or, for example, as nativity figures. These figures are used almost exclusively in biblical outfit.

When do we speak of therapeutic aids or empathy figures?

When the figures are used for specific problems in therapeutic work. If you serve the support of empathic way of working. The outfit depends on the respective purpose of the figure (grandma-grandpa, mother-child, man-woman, etc.).

Are the moving figures Egli figures?

No, the figures are made according to the guidelines of the ABF. They are intended for a wider application and are not only made in biblical outfit.

Do the figures have thumbs?

Yes, Since the beginning of 2009, as a new generation, we manufacture all figures with movable thumb. This increased the functionality of each figure.

In which sizes are the movable figures available?

We manufacture the 30 figures.

The size is determined by the basic frame. The individual sizes of the finished figures are: ca 9 cm toddler, 16 cm child, 19 cm and 22 cm teenagers, 26 cm and 28 cm adults.

Where does the mobility of the figures come from?

The sisal or string wire base frame wrapped with fabric scraps is flexible throughout. The entire figure, including the hands and thumbs are therefore movable.

Where do the moving figures get their stability from?

The movable figures and animals (except sheep ) have lead feet or hooves according to their size. The weight allows them to stand in all positions.

Are movable figures also available as special nativity figures?

One of the oldest fields of application is the nativity scene figure. It is possible to make a complete nativity scene with movable figures. Mostly groups like Holy Family, shepherds with sheep or three kings are offered and produced.

B - Questions about the acquisition of figures

What should be considered when ordering?

You can purchase finished individual pieces and exhibits of the figures and groups of figures in our store at www.kreativ-waren.de. These will be shipped within eight working days. But you can also choose and order figurines in special outfit and desired size according to your imagination. They will then be made to order for you.

Do you also supply backdrops and accessories for the moving figures?

In our store you can buy separate costumes and clothing, as well as many accessories and backdrops such as crib stable and boats. We also make and sell matching moving animals.

C - Questions about the production of the figures

Where do you get the raw material for the moving figures?

As a participant of a workshop you will receive the complete basic material (sisal wire frame, st├╝rodor, duvetine, lead feet etc.) from the course instructor. Meanwhile, we manufacture the lead feet for animals in our own production and also offer them for sale in our store.

Is it possible to buy the raw material without a workshop?

All basic parts are sold only by arrangement to participants who have taken at least one workshop for moving figures.

Can you set the outfit of the moving figures yourself?

Each student can choose the outfit and gender of his figure. But you can also choose and order in our store figures in special outfit and desired size according to your imagination. All figures are then made to order for you.

Can you change the outfit of the moving figures?

Our figures made in the workshops and offered for sale all have a "dressed outfit". That is why at any time you can make a change of underwear, outerwear and shoes.

Are there individual pieces of clothing and shoes for the moving figures?

In our store you can get ready-made clothes and costumes to re-dress your characters. Of course, there are then also the appropriate accessories to the outfit. The leather shoes and sandals are our own designs or templates from the ABF courses.

D - Questions about the moving animals

Where do the moving animals come from?

The movable animals available with us ( camels, oxen, donkeys and sheep) are our own products and have been developed and manufactured in our company.

Is it possible to order suitable moving animals from you?

Yes, you can select and order different, movable animals in our "Creative Goods Shop". These will then be made to order for you.

What are the moving animals made of?

The head made of Styrofoam and hooves made of lead are put on a base frame made of copper wire. Pieces of styrofoam are used in the body for reinforcement. The body surface is created from felted wool.

The sheep do not need lead feet

E - Questions about the storage and care of the figures and animals.

What is the best way to store the figures and animals?

Dry, protected from light and dust (Commercially available bottle bags are good for storage and transportation).

Can the figures be washed off?

No, since they are made of natural materials, they are not to be treated with water.wash clothes separately, brush dry, comb hair normally.

Are the figures suitable for young children?

For work with children from preschool age, the movable figures are recommended as "storytelling figures". But not for children to play with!

Why aren't the moving figures called Dolls?

Because people play with dolls. Use them as toys. With the high-quality, movable figures should work and use them as a tool.

What is the "life expectancy" of the figures?

With normal application and use, the figures can be used for well over 10 years. Natural signs of use can be improved again with the replacement of clothing and accessories.

F - Questions about the workshops (workshop courses and application courses)

Can I make a moving narrative figure myself?

Yes. Through training as a seminar leader at the ABF, Ms. Birgit Jordan is able to hold both workshop courses and application courses. In a project week, both can be combined.

How long does a workshop course for moving figures last?

For the manufacture of one figure will need about 8-10 hours. Friday evening for the introduction and preparatory work and Saturday to continue have proved successful.

From how many participants will a workshop course be held?

In order to ensure optimal work for everyone, we usually run the workshop courses with 8 -15 participants.

What do you need for a workshop course?

Each course participant receives a corresponding material list with the most important utensils after registration. However, you can also purchase the required working material at the beginning of the course.

Who can participate in a workshop?

Anyone who has a desire and enjoyment of creative activity and the moving figures. Anyone who knows how to use and appreciate the many ways of using the figures.

A little skill and creativity in crafting and sewing is an advantage.